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Now that you have your website, the next steps are to:
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You may edit the content or design of this website by using our Doteasy Website Creator and begin by clicking on the Edit Page Design button.

Or you may create the website using your preferred website editor and upload your own files to your server directly using FTP.

For more information on how to connnect to the FTP server, create email accounts or setup your email software, please refer to your account setup instructions in Member Zone or visit our tutorials pages.

Advanced Scripting Tools for mtnsea.com!

Some tools you may want to install to your website:
Ad Manage Calendars Content Manage Faq Form Processors

You can find many scripts in our Tools Library that can be used to create custom functionality (photo gallery, discussion forum, shopping cart, calendar...).
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If you need installation assistance, just let us know.

For further assistance please feel free to contact us.